This is how we use Blockchains for business

Black Ink Technologies Inc., operating as a Wyoming Company formed in 2019, is a holding company for SiteSUPER Inc., Paired Inc., Paired Pay Inc, Automatic Cash, Paired Pharma and Paired Parking Solutions. These three companies interact as the Truth Platform to produce verifiable records of truth and accountability.


SiteSUPER (Patented) is a real world bi-directional oracle that improves data security, workflow process & efficiency.

Working within residential construction, a major industry yet to modernize, SiteSUPER eliminates major inefficiencies by using the most advanced technology to modernize every phase of construction.

SiteSUPER’s primary product is a GPS anchored data mine that captures real world data on a construction project. The first prototype went online in Q2 2021. SiteSUPER 2.0 is currently in development, with improvements in software and hardware.

Anytime Cash primary product is a proprietary hardware device used to facilitate alternative financial services to the under or unbanked. The hardware devices focuses on facilitating financial services while utilizing data and a small operational footprint to manage risks and ensure market competitiveness.

Paired Pharma’s primary product is a proprietary hardware device use to facilitate the interaction of patients, doctors and pharmaceuticals. The data collected by the hardware device will provide stakeholders a data set that links pharmaceuticals, patients and doctors.

Paired Parking Solutions primary product is a software and proprietary hardware device that will facilitate the management of surface parking lots. By utilizing persistent storage, owners of the surface lots are provided a transparent view of transactions on their lots. This provides a source of truth that can be used to mitigate issues between the management companies and owners.


Paired Inc. processes the data produced within the Truth Platform to be used in smart contracts and digital assets. The first smart contract was triggered in July 2021. The goal of this first contract was to prove out the template to be used in future smart contracts across the Truth Platform.


Paired Pay processes payments within the Truth Platform. The current focus is on connecting centralized organizations with decentralized process to improve the flow and transparency of payments.